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Wade H. Cockburn, PhD, due to a family business crisis, chose to make a career change into psychology in the mid-2000s to better understand how the dynamics of the different relationships involved in that crisis.  He first received a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology and then his doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Somatic Psychology.

Hearistic is a unique combination of two words, “heuristic,” meaning to encourage a person to learn, discover, understand, and solve issues on their own, and “hear,” denoting our ability to listen unconditionally when an audience or client communicates an issue.

Hearistic Partnering promotes personal health and wellness with a focus on our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wholeness, which innately knows what we need to be healthy.  Our passion is to only act as givers of directions to help fellow seekers who are temporarily lost, helping them eliminate any developmental blocks and limiting beliefs.

Hearistic Partnering also facilitates small businesses to enhance their health and wellness by providing strong challenge solving skills, mentoring, mediation, or, if necessary, arbitration. We offer strong tactical and strategic planning with a proven ability in various management conditions, concentrating on legacy and business ethics.

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