There are so many relationship demands in this special time, between the mother and child, with the child’s father, the grandparents, possibly an up-until-now only child siblings, and even with those at our place of employment. Each of these relationships has the potential to nurture and support the mom or to cause stressed and heartache.

Infant neuro-biology, epigenetics, psycho-immunology, gut-brain and attachment research all highlight the importance of relationships in this early developmental time between preconception, through the “fourth trimester,” to the all important initial individualization of the two year old child. This includes not only the relationship between the parent and the child, but also relationships with the mother and child before birth as they are physically, emotionally, and mentally inseparable. Suzanne Arms States,” What we do to one – or fail to do to one – we do to the other.

As infants and toddlers, we are conscious, aware, learning intensely, and actively communicating and forming relationships from the beginning of life. Maximize this time with your unborn, newborn, and toddler with education, mentoring, and coaching support that provides the missing “owners manual” to insure a solid foundation for your baby’s life!

Baby Relationships Toddler Relationships
Planning your pregnancy. Mother-baby communications.
Babies are conscious in the womb. Key developmental milestones.
Babies form memories from conception. Feeding / immunization advice.
Planning her/his sacred birth. From the toddler’s point of view.
Bonding and attachment. Beginning discipline.
Integrating the newborn into the family. The not-so-terrible twos.
Basic trust vs. mistrust issues. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt issues