We are always in a relationship. As an embryo we are not only in relationship with our mother, but with our father and even our grandparents! This is because our mother’s egg, which was impregnated by our father to become you, was formed when your mother was in utero at four months old! We are never truly alone because we are also in a relationship with ourselves. So what is your relationship with you like? Is it kind, loving, and forgiving or is it demanding, critical, and judging? Carl Jung tells us, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Are you ready to awaken from the dream?

Further, there’re several spiritual teachers that tell us some version of what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings seeking a spiritual life, but spiritual beings having a human experience.” So who would you be without all the human experiences this life has put on you? What are the qualities of your essential self before others (and that includes even you!), modified you with their family and societal rules and, worse, judgments over the years?

Escape the dream of who you think, feel, or expect you are or need to be. Escape whom your family, friends, significant other, boss, and coworkers expect, even demand you to be! Become your authentic self! It is simple, but it takes work. Michael Martin Murphey has a song with the lyrics “The two-step is easy, but the first step is hard!” I will help you take that first step, offer a safe and nurturing environment to do so, and then help you find the answers you already have, but have lost to conform to your life’s experiences.

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