Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Life Coach Lubbock

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 22645773_l-1024x673.jpgDr. Wade currently is focusing on his writings and lectures; however, for a limited number of veterans or families, he will make an exception.  For veterans, he most often helps with post-traumatic stress (he does not think it is a “disorder!”) affecting their relationships and reintegration into society.  With families, he will help with seemingly unexplained issues between parents and their child or between their children.

Along with his schooling, Dr. Wade has had many hours of counseling, both personal and supervisory; he animatedly maintains that he would be unable to help other if he did not first “clean up his own mess!”  Just as you would never hire a guide to climb Mt. Everest that had only read a “how-to” book, neither should you hire a psychotherapist or coach that only had “book learning!”