Marriage Counselor

There is a joke that women marry men with a list of things they are going to change and men marry women expecting them to never change; neither adage is correct. Without some fairly deep self-examination, we tend to marry nicer versions of one or both of our parents. This is actually an attempt of our authentic self to undo all the programing that we have received; unfortunately, too many of us either cannot seem to turn the corner or resign ourselves to living a life that does not fulfill our soul.

Relationships are like a fire, sometimes they flare, burning hot, and sometimes they cool, giving off less and less warmth. In order to continue to burn steadily, a fire has to be constantly watched and attended to, stoking it, and then add more fuel when they beginning to die out. Work issues, raising children, and infidelity (whether physically or emotionally) can act as water being thrown on this closest of adult relationships. Learn how to respectfully and lovingly work through issues and keep that fire as warm as it was when you first fell in love!

Reality based vs. fantasy-land.
Keeping the fire burning.
Staying out of the intimacy potholes.
Being each other’s biggest fan.
Overcoming infidelity and other betrayals.
Authentic communication.
Getting the love you want and returning it.