Dr. Wade has presented one to three hour workshops or sections within longer workshops in several different settings and has developed several full day and multiday workshops on the topics found on the Speaker Page and those shown below.

  •  Body – mind wholeness:
    • Awareness
    • Authenticity
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Healthy physical, mental, & emotional lifestyles
  • Parenting
    • Understanding your baby’s requests
    • Consequencing not disciplining
    • Intimacy in marriage after children
    • “Healthy Selfishness” for the mom/primary caregiver
    • Responding to your child’s needs, not their behavior
  • Communications:
    • Village communication style vs. deep honest inquiry style
    • Active listening, Validation, & Verification
    • Conflict Resolution, “Alpha / Beta” tendencies, Co-dependency traits
    • How “You” is a word of war
    • Boundary setting

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