Dr. Wade

Wade H. Cockburn, PhD

Wade H. Cockburn, PhD is a Qualified Mental Health Professional in Oregon where he worked as the clinical supervisor at a children’s day treatment center, also providing family, individual, and child psychotherapy. Dr. Wade uses various psychotherapeutic modalities to best help a client including: cognitive, energy, humanistic, pre- & perinatal, relational, spiritual, and relational somatic psychotherapy.

Dr. Wade currently resides in Lubbock, TX and often travels to Jackson, CA (near Sacramento) where he and his wife have a yoga studio and are developing a retreat center. He provides therapy to Oregon residents and coaching for others to enhance relationships with your unborn child, infant, children of all ages, spouse or partner, in your work environment, and with your authentic self. Dr. Wade assists clients in reaching their full potential through accurately reading the signs their body and feelings are communicating and supporting them to resolve core issues set up in their early lives gracefully. He is a published author and speaks at seminars and workshops throughout the United States and in Europe.

With 30+ years of small business management successes and 15+ years of psychotherapeutic evaluation, Dr. Wade offers personal empowerment to individuals and sound business fundamentals to small, mid-sized and family-owned businesses through his communication seminars and workshops, executive and life skills coaching, and mind-body-spiritual consultation. Dr. Wade is a strong and inspirational motivator with a talent for quickly evaluating and facilitating solutions, passionate about integrity, ethics, and clear and authentic communication.


Areas of Expertise: