“One cannot give what he does not possess. To give love you must possess love. To love others you must love yourself.” Leo Buscaglia, PhD, also known as “Dr. Love” offered these kind words and, unfortunately, too many people do not follow this sage advice. I find this to be especially true with moms, always giving of themselves to their children and spouse/partner and never taking time for them!

Too often I am told, “but that’s being selfish!” Yes, but like so much in life, it depends on what our intention is in taking time for ourselves; if we are only doing it with ourselves in mind and at the expense of others, it is selfish. If, however, we do something for ourselves to keep us fresh, renewed, and able to then give 100% to our families, this is what I call “healthy selfishness!” Remember, in order to give 100% to our families, part of that effort has to come to us because we are part of the family!

Discover the sacredness, joy, and both physical and mental health that flows from living in healthy selfishness. Learn to love yourself all over again!

Falling in love with yourself.
Embracing and transcending your self-talk.
Healthy selfishness.
Be impeccable with your word, to others and to you.
Radical relaxation.
Creating your authentic self.
Generating the life you adore.